Rewatching - Big Brother 11 (2010)

Gonna finish rewatching this series as well, forgot how funny it was

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Jedward went into the house on the ep I just saw as part of the Ignore the Obvious task to perform and set off the fire alarm by accident

i just found this out, and he was even on BBLB. looks a bit out of his comfort zone

apparently she’s the breakup Midnight Organ Fight was about

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Hi I’m rewatching Ultimate Big Brother

Watched the box episode from Big Brother 6 last week. Christ want an awful, awful person Maxwell was. Brilliant episode though.

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How does it hold up , remember it being rather dull

That’s why I’m watching, to see if that was a fair analysis. Only watched the first one so far, it was fun. Makosi’s Union Jack dress :100:

Big Brother throws up some well Lynchian imagery at times

Katreya (spelling?)

That series was quite good actually. Boring winner but Rex and Mario with his fan club made it worth it, might give it another watch

Was thinking that might be my next one, underrated.