Rex Orange County

Couldn’t see a thread.

Just listening to Pony. Quite inoffensive and enjoyable pop.

Reminds me slightly of Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Which does worry me a bit as I feel like there was loads of hype around him to begin with and now you’d be hard pushed to remember one of his songs.


The Get Cape comparison is a decent one. I listened to the record, it was okay but I’m not going to be hammering down the door to listen to it again.

Came across them doing Glasto homework and haven’t been as offended by such a rubbish band having as many listens in a very long time.
Lifeless, bland and dull beyond belief. Anyway, carry on, I’ll go away now.

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One of my pals is / was in the live band, seeing footage he’d post of them playing decent sized venues with crowds of the youth going wild was quite something.

(I’ve never heard anything by him/them tho)

He seems very popular with the genZ Mac deMarco dudebro crowd, a demographic that needs to be mercilessly crushed

Caught about a minute on Jools.

Weird that there’s a popular artist in 2019 whose primary influence appears to be Len.

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He was 1yr old when Steal My Sunshine came out

We are giving my son this album on Vinyl for Xmas. He really wanted it. Look at the stars it has on Amazon?! From what I’ve heard it’s really bland. Hopefully it’s a musical phase he will move on from.


He’s very popular with people I know, I can’t really understand his appeal