Paxman today and the first 20 minutes at least are very very awkward

in a good or a bad way?
used to like it but not listened in years, find herring more annoying now and feel like the ratio of good:bad guests has got worse

sorry for this negative post


Quite bad

Yeah I only listen if I like the guest these days

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Same. I used to listen to Herring’s podcast output religiously, but I can’t imagine doing that now with how much he puts out (and with how much of it is designed as a weird anti-joke)

I think I’ve listened to maybe only three or four since the first lockdown. The Joan and Jerica crossover episode was very good though.

Finished Paxman. It was very tough work

I saw that one appear yesterday and honestly couldn’t decide if I wanted to listen to it or not! Same as others have said, I’m picking and choosing from his output these days.
I’ll probably give the Paxman one a try though out of curiosity…

Haven’t listened to any since lockdown (or for a few years before tbh) and really can’t see how this translates well to not being in front of an audience.

I used to rinse them but like was mentioned in the asam Buxton one I’m more interested in the guest now than just listening.

Also, frankly, herrings shit was getting way too old. Is he still asking about the ham hand or nipples that dispense suncream, or the have you seen a ghost shit?

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he asked both to Jeremy Paxman. which imo is still a funny thing to ask Jeremy Paxman