Ric Ocasek RIP

Cars front man and producer of some top albums.



Got a great album out of the worst band ever. RIP.


A sad loss. On top of his work with The Cars he also produced most of Suicide’s albums, Rock For Light by Bad Brains, some of the good Weezer albums and For All My Sisters by the Cribs! Absolute hero.

So many good tunes to pick from but I fucking love this.


Touching tribute from Weezer here.


Yeah was reading about the “other” stuff he did, rather than just being in the Cars.
Really impressive list of bands he worked with.


primarily know him for producing Guided by Voices’ surprisingly glossy Do the Collapse album where he injected them with lots of Cars-esque power pop synths. shouldn’t work but it kinda does




For some reason, I wasn’t aware that he’d also produced Alan Vega’s Saturn Strip which also a bit of a masterpiece.

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Fucking love that version. Can’t listen to the original anymore, just give me the hooks!


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Just playing the second Suicide album now. The synth sounds are excellent on it. So Cars-y. Great work from Ocasek.

I heard this version first - I should prefer the rougher version but it’s just never sounded right to me without the little synth riff in the chorus

Wow he was a lot older than I thought, still a bit young to be buying the big one tho. RIP to him, so many brilliant Cars songs and that Cribs album he produced was :fire::fire::fire:

Sad news. Heartbeat City is such a great 80s album.

The mid 1980s American pop sound personified -

Jesus Eddie Money and Ocasek in the span of days. :sob:

jesus was ages ago sorry

really enjoyed loads of cars tunes, sad news.

I didn’t know he produced that, it’s one of my favourite albums ever.

The Cars were one of the bands my dad always played cassettes of on long drives years ago, I always liked them.

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some nice reminiscences from Doug Gillard here

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