Rice and pasta are shit

  • I agree, Jook, you’re a great guy
  • I couldn’t agree more

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What an incredibly bold opinion!!!


alright, barleysugar


thanks mate


what else is there


:o: Pasta is very underwhelming but rice is great


Try combining them


what kind of opinions are these! i cant work like this


chips, potato smiles, spaghetti hoops, potato waffles, bread


she doesn’t know what a chip butty is, her opinions on carbs can be discarded


it is tho isn’t it. bit slimy. the sauce tends to be OK (although there’s never enough of it) but the pasta itself is totally joyless.


try cooking it properly :+1:


smh pervo


Here I was thinking I’d won today’s controversial shit opinion


i never cook it because it’s underwhelming. only ever eat it when other people cook it for me


mate, wait til you see MPBH’s essay on john lewis


stop hanging round with shit pasta cooks?


dunno who that is - I famously had about four years where I had a life and didn’t post here.




pasta = amazing
jook = shit