Rice Cookers

tbh i’ve pretty much decided that making sushi is bullshit and officially classified as ‘more trouble than its worth’. just get a takeaway imo.

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We use sushi rice in rice bowls/poke, so get through a fair bit.

As littleforts says, you need to wash it through a few times beforehand (I do it four times). I’ve never added anything but water to it to cook it though.

How much water is it telling you to put in?- mines a 1:1 rice to water ratio and it’s never been gloopy at all

I’m thinking about buying a 2nd rice cooker and maybe giving my current one away. It works just fine but is too big for doing a single (big) portion at a time, the ratio of crispy bottom rice to regular rice is off. But I’m still 100% team rice cooker

If you’re cooking short grain or sushi rice, getting one of these rice sieves for a couple of quid is well worth it

I go for 1:1:1

(1 cup of rice. 1 cup of water in washed and rinsed rice. 1 cup of water in the rice cooker.)

my cooker has markers on the side -i.e for 1 cup rice fill to here. I just have to go a bit lower than the line and it’s fine. especially for basmati, I assume my machine is designed for chinese rice and tastes (because it is chinese).

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Glad to see this thread’s resurgence is due to the correct opinion that rice cookers are great rather than “mY SaUCepAN mEthOD iS sO EaSy tho!!!”

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I do 2 cups rice + 2.5 cups water (+ 1 tsp salt). Rinse and soak the rice well first. Also once it clicks to warm, leave it sitting there for a good time (maybe 30 mins) before fluffing up to get the nice separate grains. Good rice certainly makes a difference too.

Rice cooker is just doing the exact same thing as the saucepan but it beeps so you all think it’s magic.