Richard Dawson 2019

New Richard Dawson album coming out 11th October, called ‘2020’. There’s a new song too!


this song is so beautiful man


I’ve been listening to it all afternoon, it’s really lovely.

Amazing he made something so emotionally resonant with some doomy guitars and robo voice bridge haha.

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I think that’s sort of what’s so beautiful about his music, he injects some silliness into very sad things and it makes it feel like it might be ok.

first listen i had tears in my eyes towards the end of the song and then that line about the marathon made me laugh and cry a bit.

fucking love the guy


Bit of an odyssey, that.

(obviously very good)

This is great (reminded me to add Peasant to my longlist) I need to know if he has been accepted for the London Marathon.

Excellent song that.


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This might be the best Just Giving pitch I’ve ever seen.

Yes! Can’t wait to see him at the Sage, he is great live if anyone gets the chance.

Fantastic! The gig at the Art School in Glasgow touring Peasant was brilliant

David Squires has done a book for the vinyl

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Peasant is possibly album of the decade for me.

Very much looking forward to the new one.

Wish he was playing somewhere closer to me.

are haters allowed in here?


Another new 'un.


Barbican date announced!


the melody to jogging is similar to the melody to the star trek: the next generation theme tune, thankyou.

From these two singles, I can’t wait to hear the rest of this record. And I can’t stop singing ‘man on, man on!’ to myself all bloody day.

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Can’t wait for this album!

Only listened to Two Halves just then, and I’ve not been a big fan of his previous work. But those are two strong singles alright (I think Jogging might be my favourite tune of 2019).