Richard Dawson 2019

hope the hen ogledd tune they played at green man gets a release, shangaan electro pastiche with sung harmonies. I was brukin out, but think most of the audience might have been in a different lane.

he played a song called Heart Emoji the other night and I’ve not stopped thinking about it since

what a guy

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Nope :+1:


Mine came today which makes up for not being able to pick up Big Thief til Tuesday. The David Squires booklet is ace.

Mine should be home when I get back later! Can’t wait.

Don’t suppose anyone ended up with a spare or two for the Moth Club show? 5 minutes from my flat but they sold out so quickly I missed out :’(

Oh it’s really really good :heart:

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I’m so excited to listen in the morning.

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Civil Servant is a hell of an opener.

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It is. There’s way too much to take in on first listen, but I’m just letting it all wash over me and picking out the occasional snippets from the lyrics.

I’m guessing these are all characters and vignettes from small town life of some fictional place - maybe mapped out on the cover?. I love the world he’s created (like an updated Under Milk Wood or something?) Get the feeling I’m going to be unpacking and hearing new stuff from this record for a good while.

First impressions very good.


Yeah, just on my second listen now…so much to take in haha. Looking forward to getting the record and following along with a lyric sheet. It feels like a Peasant for the modern day, to be simplistic and trite, like the repeat of the No-One interlude as well.

His songwriting is just so wild and interesting, and this album has a lot more hooks (Two Halves chorus has been in my head for weeks). I find it hard to describe just how much I love his music, definitely one of the only artists since being a teen music obsessive I just love everything by.


The David Squires comic that comes with it is cool


Is that just for pre-orders?

I got it direct off the Domino website yesterday, should still be in stock!

Tbh, Peasant never clicked with me at all, but the singles from this new one were so good that I got drawn in. There’s so much flair and imagination on this album.

Agreed on Two Halves. It’s a great take on youth football and parents living vicariously through their children. Takes me back to playing on the local kids team, getting shouted at by the coaches and being a bit scared every time we had to play the tough kids from Skelmersdale…

As I alluded to in the new releases thread, not been this excited by a new album in a very long time (even longer if you just count albums that have taken me by surprise). I liked what I heard of Peasant but didn’t investigate it in depth, nonetheless I think I prefer the setting for these songs and the “pop” influence appears to manifest in incredibly singable choruses (Oooover theeeere in the labyrinth of neeeeeoooon).

I’m going to give a break for a couple of dats, and return to it after, in the hope that I still think its wonderful and this isn’t a fever dream.

I also love the fact that his voice is one of the few that I could imagine myself mimicking fairly effectively…but then equally it’s a very expressive and varied instrument.

Dead Dog in an Alleyway is incredible, the version on the 6music show too. Just love this album.

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2020 is something else, eh?

So many brilliant songs. No one like him.


Yep, it’s incredible

AOTY quite easily