Richard Dawson 2022

feel like I might have to give 2020 a go. I remember liking the bits I heard (like all the time) on 6Music in 2019; and his interview with Adam Buxton was a gooden

It’s the one that converted me. It’s fantastic and very funny.


2020 has grown on me a lot. It’s paced really well, and I like the mix of more traditional rock (Black Triangle, Jogging) with acoustic heartbreak (Heart Emoji, Freshers Ball). Very uplifting record in places.

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The whole album is incredible, but fucking hell Horse and Rider is perfect


Do think The Hermit is a bit unwieldy and not enough really happens to justify its length, but the ending is quite nice.

Rest of the album is very good though.

I like that he’s fleshed out the instrumental A Very Fine Horse from the Republic of Geordieland record for Horse and Rider. Such a lovely melody it deserved a proper outing.

I’ve broken the hermit into 3 parts in my mind, which has helped with the processing of a 41min long track.


The second half of Museum really reminds me of the second half of The Rip by Portishead

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Yes thought the same. That and Sea Within A Sea.

It’s a gorgeous song - certainly the highlight for me.

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The album is absolutely packed with beautiful melodies. I do feel that none of the songs really stick in my mind though. I enjoy it when I’m listening to it but it doesn’t have the impact on me of his previous work. Maybe it still needs more time.

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I’ve woken up with melodies from a few of the tracks on this album on my head in the past week or so. Really got under my skin. Lovely album.

Been in a position this week to really spend some time with it and it’s opening itself up nicely.


It’s definitely lovely musically, by far his most beautiful record, but his lyrics have always been a big part of why I’ve loved his music so much for years. For me (so far) the songs on this record don’t really bite lyrically in the same way or have the same emotional impact.

I don’t mean to be too critical of it because I do like it a lot, but it just feels a bit vague and unfocused to me. It too easily tends to become background music, which you couldn’t say about any of his previous albums.

Horse and Rider is the exception - that’s a great song.

This is probably fair. I’m not a lyric person so that washes over me a bit though.


I’m not always, but Richard Dawson’s lyrics have always been so unique and meaningful. He’s one of the few artists where I always want to hear what he’s got to say.


Got to really understand what that 16th century blacksmith was thinking


Maybe I’m just not in the right mood for this album right now but trying to listen for the second time today I had to switch it off. It was actually irritating me

Starting with a 40 min opener that doesn’t really do a whole lot really kills it straight away and then the next couple songs I’m already almost bored. Sorry to be a downer folks

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I’m also really struggling. I have massive respect for RD, so am perfectly happy to accept the failing is mine, but I can’t make it click. I flat-out don’t understand the reason for the 40 minute thing.

Definitely think it has to synch up to mood. I’m quite happy to let it all wash over me at the moment and pick up some lyrics here and there as I do so. Does make me want to listen to the Red Chord every time though!

thought the 40 minute track was the weak link on the album but that the rest is pretty solid. after going to see the screening of The Hermit video i appreciate the track a bit more, but still a lot longer than it needs to be

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think maybe The Hermit as a standalone release followed by the other 6 tracks as ‘the album’ might have worked better for me


How does the vinyl edition work - can you fit all of the Hermit on one side?