Richard Herring is a GBOL


now done something like £130k at this point.

marckee has this already been covered?


I listened to a John Robins podcast the other day where he rings in and talks about this, go on Richard


This is great but he’s a Liberal Democrat so shouldn’t really be lauded for it too much since he must essentially believe all charity needs to come from private enterprise rather than structural advancement


is he tho? the ‘i agree’ suggests not?


Reluctantly, perhaps, but yeah

Spends an inordinate amount of time bleating about the need for “centrism” in an acutely capitalist system

Anyway still a good and helpful thing to do, this.


I like his hair.


Never forgiven him for his anti-Gary Sparrow schtick.


oh shit, he’s been taking a pop at G-Spar?


[quote=“Ruffers, post:5, topic:23717”]
Spends an inordinate amount of time bleating about cocks and snooker[/quote]



I… ok


You know what I can’t even be arsed to edit that.


leave it. feels a bit like art



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