Richer Sounds


Top lad. Also didn’t know the brand name was eponymous.


Richard Sound

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Rich R. Sounds

(The R also stands for Rich)


big fan of Richer Sounds

The Brighton branch keeps very short opening hours these days though, which makes me feel bad for the staff, who must all basically be part time

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I’m also a big fan of Richer Sounds, the South Croydon branch is great. The staff are really knowledgeable, friendly and non-pushy. Bought our big television and my stereo and speakers from there.


In opposite land - I knew the name was eponymous, but didn’t realise it was a pun until now!



Richer Sounds were a go-to case study for how to run a company ethically and competently when I was going A Level Business Studies like 20 years ago. Still going strong.


Good shop in my experience and really nice that he’s done this.

As always though with the systems we have we’re at the mercy of business owners, millionaires and billionaires and expected to feel grateful when occasionally they turn out to be decent people.


How is it pronounced? Richer as in Reich-er?


Rich Man Sounds more like, amirite?!

No but really I’ve never been able to afford to shop there and I feel like a Victorian orphan child pressed up against the window of a sweet shop whenever I pass one. Sounds like a great place to work though.

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Seems like a really great bloke from the article


Record player I bought there plays too fast


yeah, there’s one in Bournemouth that opens at Midday every day pretty much, closes at 6. Thought this was odd


Guildford one too


Pretty sure I have a #cringe memory of my mother trying to get a discount from there once on the basis of a shared name :man_facepalming:

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its all relative I suppose

There is another hifi shop just along the road from Richer Sounds in B-town that sells all the crazy expensive brands, it’s entirely staffed by 50+ year old men who look like they listen to nothing but Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn.


Great shop and business. A good pal of mine worked there for years and they got treated amazingly. Bonuses, opportunities to stay in property owned by the founder, counselling etc if they needed it, money for medical treatment etc.

I went for a trial shift there last year, didn’t get the job. Don’t think it was to do with the business ethics. Or was it.


You did a bad jike, didnt u


They’ve been doing them Cambridge Audio Topaz amps for £99 since about 1942.