Rick & Morty






I've just started watching this (5 episodes in). I'm kind of enjoying it, but one thing that's bugging me is how Rick and Morty seem to say each other's names in every line of dialogue. It really takes me out of it because I just end up thinking 'he's going to say "Morty" any second now' every time Rick speaks.

I'm guessing this didn't bother anybody else?


Part of it. It's a bit of a running thing. I find it funny, especially in things like

"You've gotta stick them waaaaaay up into your butthole Morty"

It's high brow, admittedly.


oh jeez rick


Rick and Morty forever a hundred times! Over and over, rickandmortyadventures.com.


Don't think I have given you my full and frank opinion since watching the first episode (and have now finished it): it's quite good but fuck me those ad lib ones are awful.

And if we are talking Netflix animation it sure as fuck ain't no Bojack.


the first one is great, the second one is... less good. although it has a few good bits (Turbulent Juice, Jan Michael Vincent).


the second load of ad lib adverts were the only duff part of the whole run for me

(might have been film trailers not adverts)


Plumbus is also in the second one. that's at least three really good bits.


Yes! No doubt the first one is better, but plumbus is gold

Just re-watched. It's the tiny pauses before he introduces each new term which really make it


I disagree but do not want to be a negative force in this thread so will instead be stripped to the waist atop the white cliffs of Dover if any (or all!) of you wish to fight me. (tonight at 7.30)


Hang on, are you asking me if I want to CLIMB up to meet you??


I guess I would just be able to kick you in the gob as soon as you breached the top so... yes.


Jan Michael Vincent really got me.



Found this last night, watched the first two episodes. Very promising.


Sorry one last thing... the pauses are the bit I hate the most - 'hey guys we are ad-libbing!"


Thank you for your feedback


Morty, remember 8 seconds ago when you said "Go inside what?" and I said "The battery" and then we showed up here, and I wasn’t like, "Woah, this is unexpected – this is not what I was expecting, Morty. What a perplexing mystery this is."