Rick & Morty



episode one's out


omfg new episode. not watched yet but omg new episode.


well that was delightful!






That link didnt work for me but this one did :relieved: https://vid.me/3Ljb


cheers, will be out all day so hopefully this is still up in the evening :thumbsup:


This was good news to wake up to


Fucking great news to wake up to :grinning:


didn't disappoint. :heart:


That was so good.


Hell yes, so glad it's back.


has the season started then? will we get another next week or is that just a one-off?


not starting properly until summer apparently


pure laughed at that so I did


Good episode.

Is "Nine seasons and Szechuan sauce" the new "six seasons and a movie"?


Excitement and surprise aside - what a legitimately great episode. So satisfying to watch. Was actually punching the air watching it at about 2am this morning.

No I don't want to see your pog collection.


Can't wait to watch this


"I just kept crawling... and it kept working!"


Just enjoying that uplifting music that plays during Rick's monologue at the end.


that was fantastic! think i shall watch it again in a few hours

i laughed a lot... but then again that's just a random noise i make every ten seconds.