Rick & Morty



Do you reckon that they’ll be more Mulan references?


If there is I’d like to leave this planet
Over exposure to a meme is awful


Look if Dan Harmon can squeeze three Beetlejuice references into Community then I’m fairly certain that he could do the same with some sort of Mulan running gag if he wanted to… and it’ll obviously be greattttt :slightly_smiling_face:


ball fondlers? ball fondlers?


How has nobody posted that awesome trailer done by all the different animators?


Brilliant :+1::grinning:


Omg I just realised there was an episode of rick and morty I had somehow managed to skip :grimacing: it was the last episode of series one!! It was great! How did I miss
It in the first place?!?!?!


I hadn’t watched the last episode of the second series either :face_with_raised_eyebrow: what the actual…


Maybe Netflix was playing silly buggers. Or you fell asleep with it on…

(That’s what I did)


Nah I reckon it’s because thee bf watched them without me so Netflix said they’d all been seen. :upside_down_face:


The sly fox.

Still, I’m slightly jealous. You basically got new Rick & Morty.


My mate pointed this out to me last night. He was in LA in December 2013 and took this photo not knowing what ‘Rick and Morty’ was as the first episode had just aired. Pretty cool.


Brilliant :+1:


Morty being squeezed out of a claymation spot :face_vomiting:


Rewatching Interdimensional Cable 2. I know some people think they’re a little shallow, but the Jan Michael Vincent/How Did I Get Here? sections killed me.


It’s brilliant :+1:


Rick & Morty/Run The Jewels hoodie


aw geez rick.



Not sure if this has been covered but - season 3 will be available on Netflix weekly http://vodzilla.co/blog/vod-news/rick-and-morty-joins-adult-swim-series-on-fox-uk/?platform=hootsuite