Rick & Morty



Thank you! I was wondering.


But I wanna watch em all now!


in bird culture, this is considered a good move


Yessss!! Rick & Morty is going to be my weekly Monday night televisual dessert after a Twin Peaks main course :yum:


Harmon & Roiland discussing season three anxiety and Szechuan sauces:


It’s Rick & Morty weekend motherfuckers.
Let’s get riggedy riggedy wrecked son :grinning::+1::grinning::+1::grinning::+1::grinning::+1:


To beer or not to beer that is the question :grimacing:



Can’t wait for this. Even the trailer for this season looks brilliant.


The Richshank Redemption is live now.

I now finally understand why you all keep mentioning Mulan dipping sauce.


On Netflix? Wubalubadubdub!




“He may have manifested some sort of butt.”:grinning:


This bit :smiley:



I’m just gonna go take a shit

What's your most-liked (non-heavy) post on the new site?

I have mixed feelings that this post of mine is already, and will probably continue to be, my most liked post on the boards.


Just keep coming back and quoting rick & morty and you’ll be fine :wink:


Solid episode but not a patch on the season opener, enjoyable plotting and suitably dark, but not very chucklesome and I’m really not invested in/ care in any way about the divorce story line