Rick & Morty



so is there a new ep on Netflix already?


i really enjoyed it. not quite as good as ep 1, but that was one of the best. completely lost it at robot morty at the end


yeah pretty much this, episode 1 really was batshit brilliant. like almost every rick & morty episode i’m sure the more times viewed the more i’ll pick up.

it’s been fucking ages since i watched a tv programme i love where i have to wait for a fucking week between episodes.


I’m really confused by your conversation… have you somehow seen ep 2 of the new series?


It’s on Netflix.


No it’s not!


Huh, you’re right. It’s supposed to be. It was on in the US of America, so I guess it’s on the internet somewhere.


Ah okay, cool. thought I was going mad.


It’s on US Netflix. They’re a week ahead. It’ll be streaming somewhere.


I watched it here:


Sneaky so and so.


i just couldn’t wait the week :slight_smile:


These things are not related.


oh fuck didn’t realise this was out



was wondering if there was some kind of piracy shame omerta going on here :smile: kinda defeats the point of it being on netflix if it’s so far out, doesn’t it?



its all the fault of whichever TV channel I don’t have airs R&M in the UK I guess


The bit with the thong guy explaining his moustache :joy:


No TV channel in the UK is showing it. Just Netflix.


well now I am angry

I can’t be arsed with dodgy website shenanigans


I’m sure FX will have it eventually, they showed the previous 2 seasons as part of Adult Swim (along with Samurai Jack – not nearly enough love for Samurai Jack on here).