Rick & Morty



Robot Morty hit that classic R&M equilibrium between properly fucking hilarious and genuinely fucking disturbing.

Great episode.

Unless… my suffering is your nourishment??


Love Samurai Jack!


I’ve been meaning to watch Samurai Jack for what feels like forever. One day…


The last season is one of the most beautiful things TV has produced.


was awesome




I can’t stop singing wubalubadubdub along to this -

You need an extra dub in there but still.



Won’t let me seeee… what what??


If you’re on Facebook, follow Council of Ricks and you can see episode 2.


Oh! I seeeee. I thought you were showing me something Annie Lennox/Rick and Morty related.


Only just seen your Annie Lennox post – someone needs to make that cover happen.


I liked the new episode overall, but it didn’t quite land well for me; a bit too on the nose in spots, I think.

I also find it hard to shit too much on Jerry as he’s a bit too pathetic all around to really be much of a punching bag.


So this show is for people who think they’re too clever for Family Guy but aren’t clever enough to realise it’s pretty much the same?


Bahahaha Pigfoot likes Family Guy




Never thought I’d see a take as bad as this outside Twitter.


If it was like Family Guy Summer would be getting punched in the face every episode and every character would be a complete shithead


Is it just me or does anyone else find the heavy American humour (sorry, “humor”) slightly grating? Didn’t find it too much of a problem in seasons 1 and 2 but the first two episodes of season 3 are particularly annoying from that perspective.


What do you mean by “heavy American humour?”