Rick & Morty



Seriously irked.




Shat myself on purpose guys


Hard to pinpoint specific examples but the last two episodes annoyed me in much the same way as Family Guy and American Dad. Don’t get me wrong - R&M is a far superior show than the aforementioned but I didn’t enjoy the last two episodes at all. Thought the above would noise you all up so please ignore and carry on worshipping.


Pretty sure something like The Simpsons makes more American cultural references, even during the glory years, and I doubt you’d say you found that “grating”?


On the contrary - I find latter Simpsons seasons particularly grating for that very reason.


Interesting, I don’t really find it that referential - all the comedy seems to come from the characters and the ludicrous situations - but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

I don’t know if that kind of humour is particularly American though, there are loads of British shows that get by on allusions and nostalgia and references.


I find latter Simpsons seasons grating because they’re badly written and exhausted narratives propped up by endless celebrity cameos, but each to their own


not really sure of the Heavy Americanness of the humor, but since S2 it’s felt like the shoe has kicked up the mean-spiritedness up a bit (see: Jerry). It’s always been there, but it feels very cheap at times.


A Frinkiac for Poser Family Guy. You’re eeeuuuurrrrp welcome.


Watched episode 2 on Netflix this morning. Thought they were supposed to be putting the new ones up on a Sunday? Obviously not complaining though.

And yeah, not as good as episode 1, but still laughed out loud on a number of occasions.




Fucking hell this week’s is properly demented. Lost my shit when he took over control of the cockroach.

Much better than last week’s even though the therapy stuff didn’t do anything for me. Hope the divorce stuff peters out soon.


So it Netflix now a full week behind the US? Bit stupid.


Really weird episode I think. Loved the first 2 seasons of it but I’m not sure it’s something that lends itself to longevity unless it becomes something very different (which I think they’re trying to do) and that different thing also happens to be very good.

Which is not to say it’s bad


I guess one thing I did like was them pushing the idea that emotive and perceptive intelligence (psychiatrist) is ultimately of more value than scientific/mathematical intelligence (Rick wasting his time fighting rats as a pickle), which a lot of R&M’s alt-right leaning fanbase needs to take on board.


Really liked that episode, especially the Jaguar bits interspersed with the quieter scenes at the therapists.


How many episodes are we in for s3? Just going on a download rampage


Thought the Jaguar bit was naff (evil English dude leading Slav mooks, look at how post-ironic we are) but otherwise it was good. Not entirely sure for how much longer they can keep deconstructing Rick but Sarandon’s final monologue was pretty devastating.


So hang on, are Netflix a week behind you guys? I watched ep2 last night. It is ep3 up too?