Rick & Morty



Yeah, Netflix is a week behind.


Ah, cheers. Just have to unspoiled the last few posts from my memory (not that they give too much away tbh)


Literally stick Rick & Morty into google, bud.


Nah I’m ok. I’ll just wait


Morty’s battery over ride bit at the end of ep2. Omg :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


He may have manifested some sort of butt.


you’ve gone full on :corn: here mate


This appears to be really old but I hadn’t seen it.


had me at “i turned myself into a pickle morty” :joy:


Am I reading too much into the “Wong is a very racist name” and them getting Susan Sarandon to do the voice?






Netflix has now added dates when the new episodes will arrive. It’s basically a full week after the US (each Saturday after the Sunday), which is a bit a of a piss take but better than nothing I suppose. Would still rather wait and watch it all nice on my big telly.


I mean so what is courageous about eating a hot dog? :grin:


By far the weakest episode, but the picture joke was brilliant. Pickle Rick ain’t nothing compared to Tiny Rick.


I really enjoyed pickle Rick, the whole
Episode is batshit mental and I was actually laughing at the synopsis of the episode before it even started.


I just kept laughing periodically that Rick had turned himself into a pickle.




Enjoying the latest season but, can’t help but feel that the ultra violence, whilst amusing, is getting to the point where it’s almost obscuring the narrative at some points.


Good episode this week, best of the most recent three. The ultra violence definitely is sticking out this season, it’s lingering in quite a sadistic way. The legs flying around without a torso for example.