Rick & Morty



“Lil’ Bits”


yeah it’s great when he starts to laugh or doesn’t know what he’s going to say. ‘white, white, uh uh, guilt, white guilt’

same with 2 brothers. it’s just called 2 brothers.


Also, the Saturday Live sketch: “Three…er…er…I’ll get back to that one!”


the paused when he’s making stuff up are my favourite part of the show.




The end of the episode in the first season - Rick and Morty forever… Rick and Morty… 100 years is a good example of that… half of it is just him going off on one. Brilliant


Just finished watching it all :weary::weary:
Absolutely loved it.
Right, back to the start :grinning::grinning:


Exactly what I did!




I fucking love this show. Mr Meeseeks cracked me up so much.

I watched them all too quickly though :frowning:


It took a while to get going for me, stick with it!


Me too! :slight_smile:
Such a great show


Sort of enjoy it but it’s never made me laugh out loud really. Think I’ve seen quite a lot of it but maybe need a bit more time



I am in great pain. Please help me.


Dishonored 3.


Every sandboxer in existence, more like.


agree with shrewbs its a bit family guy but I love it


imo episode 2 of the first series is one of the best


There’s a new soap opera starting here in Brazil - the trailer was all melodramatic period-piece shots and music, then the title: “Dois Irmãos” / “Two Brothers”. No easy way to explain why I burst out laughing…