Rick & Morty

I liked the stuff with the car but the Hellraiser stuff was pretty meh.

Always enjoy it when Dan Harmon uses an excuse to make the sort of stupid little songs he used to play on Harmontown

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I wonder if ep 4 was written for season one but didn’t make the cut. Then it was dusted off a few years later for season five. Would explain why I found it jarring from the obvious Independence Day parody to the treatment of Summer and Beth.

I don’t think it would have fit in then either. Also there’s a marked shift between clueless Morty in the first season(s) compared to quite savvy Morty now.

It was just a bad episode. Happens, I guess.

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Apparently this is the same singer who did the Pokemon theme song

uhh episode 7 was … trash? the end credits scene was the best/only worthwhile part of the whole episode

didn’t get much from 6 either but i at least liked the concept/ridiculousness more. Really lost its way the last few episodes

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Do you mean 6 and 5, or are you watching these somewhere before All4 gets them?

yeah been a bit sneaky, it’s on a streaming platform i have a subscription to, but I think their source files might include early leaks etc. - and i think ep 7 has been out there for a while, since it doesn’t officially air until the 1st

ep 5 did remind me that i finally need to watch Hellraiser though

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I don’t understand how anyone OKed EP 7. It’s just terrible.


Wow. You weren’t wrong. An absolute chore.

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Really sad about this season. Feels like it’s gone off a cliff.


Just watched the most recent one and…it wasn’t good.

So much sound and fury, signifying little, like a bad cover version. I’ve been watching a bit of Season 3 as well and the gulf in quality is enormous.

I think it’s become a bit like Futurama after it returned to Comedy Central. One or two great episodes (the Mr Nimbus one) a lot of middling, enjoyable but forgettable stuff (the car one, the Thanksgiving one) and some really bad lows (this one in particular).


Heard a theory that makes sense of why this season is so different. It does check out if true, but it feels like a real gamble as it’s tough watch at the moment.

The first two episodes really made me believe… maybe they just front-loaded the whole thing with the good bits. Shame - especially as they’re ties in to another 50-or-so episodes. Fingers crossed they pull it around

I liked ep7 🤷

Yeah, me too. I am confident it’s still got more magic left in it, but it’ll be a lot less consistent than Season 2 or 3, where there were one or two average episodes per season.

Considering how consistently adventurous it’s been until at least the start of Season 4, it’s amazing that it’s taken this long for them to start screwing up.

I thought six and seven were… fine? Not classics, but told a story and had some decent gags. Don’t need to see the incest baby again but feels like that’s going to be a thing now

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It reminded me of French and Saunders - never a good thing. It’s parody but with nothing in it beyond dressing up.

That said, Rick and Morty is generally of such good quality that its only competition is itself.

What did you like about it? I might watch it again later with that in mind.

Dexter’s Laboratory already did the definitive Speed Racer parody anyway