Rick & Morty




Good show, but horribly overrated on places like Reddit. Apparently rick will escape prison by turning into a pickle


Uncle Steve wasn’t real?
He’s a real piece of shit!


There is places where it gets really dark (well, sort of BoJack levels) and that’s what elevates it above Family Guy. The use of that Mazzy Star song at the end of one episode was great.
I love it, watched it for the first time last year when I was out in Texas and the person we were staying with put it on. Watched the whole 1st series that evening.


Watched all of season two during a comedown on New Year’s Day. Genuinely thought I’d torn something I was laughing so hard. My housemate came into the room while we were watching the ‘Get Schwifty’ episode and I was crying so much I couldn’t explain the plot to him.

Yeah, so it’s brilliant. When’s the new one out?



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Ahh DiS, he are a fickle place


I’m a chunk of the way through S1 and I’m enjoying it, buuuuuuuut

  1. Does anyone else find it a bit irritating how often they say each other’s names?
    Morty, you gotta see this, Morty! Ok Rick, but Rick if it’s another science thing that’s going to hurt me Rick. I don’t think I want to see it. But Morty, you gotta see it Morty! It’s the best Morty!

  2. The last episode I watched was one where they were basically channel-surfing through loads of really wank clips - seemed like loads of improv bollocks that was probably way more funny to make than to watch.

  1. funnily enough when I first watched it I spoke with my pal and said how much I enjoyed how Often rick said mortys name.
  2. was in pain laughing at that episode first time I saw it :slight_smile:


With you on the improv episodes. Can only imagine finding them funny whilst high, they’re absolutely dire.


First improv episode was good, second was balls. Not sure if they wanted to make that one


Warmed to those episodes after I found out they were improv. Don’t know what that says about me as a person.


The bits where they’re channel surfing are the best ffs


The Saturday Night Live improv bit still reduces me to tears of laughter, I love it.

  1. no, that’s funny.
  2. FUNNY.


Just watching the second episode of season two (the one with the gas monster called ‘Fart’). Bizarre but brilliant. Really tempted to learn ‘Goodbye Moonman’ now.


Started watching last night, 8 episodes into s1. Many a chuckle had. :laughing:


Finished s2 now. My favourite joke in the entire thing came in the last ten minutes of the last episode. Great stuff.

Want a Mr Meeseeks mug too. LOOK AT ME.


I really want this:


that’s amazing! <3