Rick & Morty

frosty chocolate milkshakes, morty

Pretty weak episode (the fading pills payoff was funny though), but will see how the whole season pans out. Worth noting the writer of this episode did two previous episodes and neither was all that, so hopefully he’s not back for the rest of the season!

Voices fine but that was shit.

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That run of episodes was easily as bad as the worst of S5. Really can’t see how they could possibly have 40 more episodes in the tank

On the bright side, Invincible is back on Amazon Prime and is doing Multiverse stuff in a much more interesting way

I really like the Jericky episode tbh

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What. The. Fuck.

Enjoyed the Jerricky and spaghetti episodes, not the other two

About right batting average for R and M


Really liked the spaghetti one. Strangely touching in the end.


Wow. That last episode was pretty awesome.

Think it’s gonna be more patchy like Season 5 than really solid throughout like last season but still- that was a great episode.

The ending especially.

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Can you recommend episodes?

In general or for this season?

This season. The first episode was so bad I turned it off.

I’m pretty unsure about the new season. It’s not just the voices, though they are a bit unnerving (it sounds to me like everyone is a bit different, though I know they’re not - maybe just the way they interact?). Rick has settled in, Morty is noticeably different though.

The episodes… idk. I’m not feeling it. Nothing wrong with any of them per se, but felt like they all lacked an extra gear that classic series found. Episode 5 is interesting for fully embracing all the lore shit I guess.

I thought episode 4 was a strong standalone and really liked the arc stuff in episode 5, so whichever of those two sounds best.

I don’t notice the voice difference that much at all now. Doesn’t take me out of the zone.

Edit: You’re right- first episode was terrible.

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The first episode was one of the worst. But the rest have been pretty good, Jericky, Spaghetti and the last one was pretty good.

It is missing some of the frenetic B plots. And even C plots.


Last three episodes were significantly better than what came before, although I really wish they’d let the lore go. it’s getting really tiresome.

Definitely noticing the voices more as the season progresses but it’s not that they’re wrong/bad per se, it’s that you can hear the effort that’s going in to emulate each of them. With rick in particular, there are some blocks of dialogue where every sentence sounds like it’s been spliced from a separate take. Think this is also a function of actors recording their performances in home studios and not getting sufficient direction, or hearing their co-stars

i think i’d got over the voices by the end of the run, although, i’m sure them sounding wrong will come back as soon as i rewatch an older episode

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I’m a leg, morty! a leg!


Morty was obviously different at the start of this week’s show.

But by God the last four episodes have been bangers. Actually funny. Clever, too.