Rick & Morty



I’ve added it to my Birthday wishlist (25th Jan).


smooth! :+1:


*quadrant Vincent


Come the 25th I will Michael down my Vincents.


I’ll be asking you to show me what you got, don’t worry.


You guys probably seen it but I think this was the original idea or something before R&M came about. Worth a watch.


Sorry I couldn’t fix the link


Yeah, at the end of s1e2 (an adaptation of the dog world concept) Rick talks about how it would be a good Tv show!

Here’s the OG Rick and Morty


Yeah, it’s interesting how they got rid of time travel in the show as well. I’ve read somewhere that s2e1 was meant to show how time travel is too fucky for continuity


Season three delayed further :confused:


Well that’s fucking shit news to start the day with


Just slightly shitty news, aye! But you have to let the creative beast that is Dan Harmon bide his time, I have no doubt in my mind that he’ll produce the goods that we require and the wait will be all the sweeter for it…


Yeah I’m totally with you on that, it’s just that everything I’ve started watching since has been pure pish by comparison, I think rock and morty has ruined all other tv for me :slight_smile:


It has set a pretty high bar! I’m not sure if you’ve seen or how popular it is on here but if you need a Harmon fix, maybe try watching Community. The first five series are all on Netflix. It starts slow but its quite impressive what they managed create with a live action sitcom :slight_smile:


Haha, we feel the same! I started watching Real Detective on Netflix which is great just GRIM AS HELL (and only 8 episodes) and the bf started watching Archer which seems a wee bit meh in comparison. Whatever happens this must NOT turn into another Phil Fish Fez incident… :scream: Poor Phil. Have you and @WizardLizard watched the documentary Indie Games?


Archer has its moments but nowhere near R&M, and is pretty much the same joke repackaged.
I have not seen, what’s the gist?


I have not seen the Indie Games either but just had a brief read up on Phil Fish - I was trying to put out the flames of fear Witches!! :worried:


Oh it’s amazing, watch it!

It follows a bunch of Indie Game developers whilst they’re finishing off their work. Phil Fish is one of them and he created Fez, a game that before it was even released had loads of people VERY excited… unfortunately because it’s an Indie Game, there was only him and two other guys working on it, which later turned into one other guy (I think) and he’s also a proper perfectionist it ended up taking 5 years before it was finished and he got so much hassle for it. Anyway, he started working on Fez 2 and just gave up I think. :smiley: SOOO…

Yeah, that won’t happen! Watch it, seriously it’s a great doc.




Yeah I love Archer but unfortunately it’s gotten really, really tired and FX keep on renewing it into the ground…