Rick & Morty







“Boy, Morty. I really Cronenberg’d the world up didn’t I?”


Anyone know what the song is at the end of Rick Potion #9? When they’re burying their own alternative reality dead bodies?


iirc it’s ‘look on down from the bridge’ by mazzy star


hurry up season three :sob:


sure have another rewatch of s1&2 while you wait :thumbsup:


i did, last weekend :slight_smile:


hopes dashed whenever this thread is bumped


yeah, apologies japes


#April 4th 2017]will be exactly a year and a half or longer since season 2 ended

says the guy who did this :point_down:



What?!?! Is this true?!




Ah. So it’s not starting on April 4th?! Probably the most disappointing post ever :wink:


consider it an early aprils fool :relaxed:

BUT i have just did a google box and other people are speculating on the internet that something will occur next week, partly based on this tweet

he’s teasing us isn’t he

anyway just the five episodes of rick and morty for me today!


Oh you’ve done it now, you’ve probably posted the most disappointing and destructive post in the history of DiS


Don’t get my hopes up cowcow, you’ve been playing with my emotions far too much of late :wink:


dubious badge of honour? :medal:

i would like to apologise to everyone affected by my posting this afternoon. as punishment i shall leave this thread and never return

(until season 3 is officially announced [bleep] yeah RICK AND MORRRRRRTY [bleep]!!)