Rick Parfitt's died




Pray for @ClicheGuevara


Shame :frowning:

His scene in Brian Pern is well good


deaths like this really freak me out, like can’t imagine when he injured his shoulder he had any idea that could be the end. rip


Who’s Rick Parfitt?


He’s whatever you want, whatever you like. He’s whatever you say, you pay your money, you take your choice. He’s whatever you need, whatever you use, whatever you win, whatever you lose, you’re showing off.



Beautiful :sob:


reckon this has been entrance music for most football league clubs at some point

always hated it






Shame. Grew up in a family with lots of long road trips with Quo in the cassette player. Also had a lengthy conversation with Peel about them, as he played their stuff in nearly every DJ set he did. Both felt they were very underated in those early years…


I wasn’t a fan of Status Quo but admire their staying power. A career lasting decades and decades is damn impressive. As a 40 year old, they’ve been a band that’s always just been there. Shame he’s gone. RIP.


Pretty sure it wasn’t FA Cup though, Ibwas at that game


R.I.P. R.J.P.