Rick stein iii: with a vengeance


So predictions for tonight:

Will he get to Mexico?

Will he make anyone cry (if so, how many people)?

Incidentally please tell me your favourite thing about Rick Stein aesthetically before we live stream the results.


If he doesnt get to mexico i’m gonna take legal action


Always think of the other one


Detour to Hawaii


I like his slightly nervous voice.


Favourite thing: in his element smashing tons of food down his gullet


He’s got to get to Mexico tonight…


Aww I love him and the way he loves going swimming the little baby chick head


Wonder what he’ll try and make out is just common sense instead of incredibly nuanced and well thought out by those who mastered it, y’know like Chinese languages or feminist theory.

My guess is - weather forecasts.


I’m gonna be a half and half I think. Stein trying to tackle the immigration thing with some incredible interviews mixed with some shots of tex-mex dishes


Big fan of his many hessian bags. And swanning around other people’s kitchens with his notepad and pencil. Man gives no fucks.


And it was NINE brothers, wasn’t it, that died?


Love that he’s the most hated man in Cornwall yet still making bank.


Tourists for you


My favourite thing about Rick Stein is how he undoes his shirt too far


I love the way they cut to him mincing around Padstow like he owns the place. He probably does tbf


For me, it’s two things:

  1. That series he did with his disinterested son in Eastern Europe.
  2. His ignorance of what goes into the dishes on his show. ‘Dunno what’s just gone into that, but it looks bloody delicious!’


“Don’t ask me what it is. Fish, probably.”


Padstow prick.


I miss chalky