Ricky Gervais - Afterlife

Not sure I’m even gonna bother with this. Cheers.

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Not a single response. Will he not like that.

He’s triggered us silent, every last one of us.


Like the concept but think it could be much better without Gervais as the lead and a bit more of a straightman in the role, someone who could accurately carry off the miserablist schtick without the soggy one-liners. Timothy Spall, idk.

Tim Canterbury
The Canterbury Tales

Increasingly convinced that he’s never truly exceeded this


Often find myself feeling a bit disappointed at how much of a cunt he’s become.


I like it. It’s good.

I thought it was decent, but not as good as gervais would like to think it was. Pretty disappointed with the last episode though, would have liked it to go in another direction

Whilst I agree, Gervais was always going to conclude it like that.

Watched the first two, laughed at how relentless the bleakness was. It’s alright.

This is very Trumpian innit?

Enjoyed it, but not as much as Derek. Probably because not enough David Earl.

not seen it but from reading the description, has he written this show specifically so that he gets to say some ‘un-PC’ stuff, in the same way that he wrote Derek so that he got to do that face?



Thought it was great. Kept making me cry. I know people hate Gervais, but whenever his voice breaks (getting sacked in the office, the big brother bit in extras, etc…) it gets me every time!

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This is shit

Why didn’t he get more than one can of dog food


Maybe the worst program I’ve ever seen. Ever.

Try watching Derek. Oof

Watched two and a half episodes.

The show is basically the equivalent of an opinion column in a newspaper. It’s Gervais telling us his opinions on celebrity, the media, religion etc disguised as a dark comedy.

No thanks.

Begrudgingly like it. Thought the stuff with Julian was a bit much. He did manage to shoehorn in a bit of pc bashing though