Ridiculous Music Bargains (Inverted)

So basically this is a thread for when you really overpaid for something. A rare vinyl , collector’s edition , signed. Maybe you regretted it later ,maybe it turned out to be a great deal or something you really treasure.

I brought this up, as I just spent 85 bucks for a signed reissue of Seamonsters by The Wedding Present . That’s probably a bit high but been looking for it in vinyl for a while and I’m a sucker for signed albums.

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Paid 50 for siamese dream for my brother’s birthday because it’s his favourite album and he didn’t own it.

Have come incredibly close to forking out for 14 autumns… on discogs but so far not folded. One on there for €80 atm. Will inevitably buy it a day before they announce a reissue

Not ordered myself but £70 for an album preorder you’ve not heard yet seems crazy

14 autumns has come up a few times on amazon for 35 quid. Stick it in a wishlist and keep checking…seen it come up a few times over the last year or so! Annoyingly didnt pick up a copy in Notting Hill a few years back for £15…didnt realise how rare it was. Same with spoon and rafter by Mojave 3, turned down a copy for £20 and cant find it anywhere for less than £70 now. Realy want a copy of the concretes self titled but am not shelling out £100 for the pleasure.

Most i have spent is $100 on April by Sun Kil Moon when in San Francisco but that worked out about £60 at the time so not too bad

Is 14 Autumns really that rare/pricey?
Bloody hell!

The 2 disc 10th anniversary one or the original?

Fat Cat are shit at repressing albums eh.

Every time I look at one of those sales on the other thread I see 20 records I paid full price for.


I’ve got one of the 7"s from that album which goes for a lot as well, could make a tidy profit as I paid £0 for it in 2007 (it’s a bit battered as it was a merch stand display copy though)

I have 2 7"s from the first LP.
Checked the discogs prices there.
People have no sense do they.

I bought Suede Dog man star live record on a record store day about 8 years ago, was so happy to get it and paid 50 quid or so. Then they put that one on regular release and put out a massive edition with a best of live and dog man star, still love it but it was not the treasure i was so excited to get.

Paid about £90/95 for the original pressing of Mellon Collie before they did the 2012 repress. It’s now worth quite a lot, not that I’m ever going to sell it, I guess it just feels like the price I paid was justified (it wasn’t lets face it).

Got a decent bootleg of mellon collie for 20 that sounds decent but tempted by the reissue as it doesnt have the weird 6 sides tracklist that seems to have been generated randomly

Paid like 70 for the deluxe edition of Muse’s The Resistance when I was 14. Got a wee USB stick with the Muse logo on and all.

Mediocre album.


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£80 for the Man’s Ruin version of the first Queens Of The Stone Age album.

It was a bootleg :clown_face:

is this just a measure of who has the most disposable income?