Ridiculous music bargains

Works outside of the sale, and on any non-War on Drugs items too.

I always use poo@wee.com and now I feel bad that they are getting shite from everywhere. Poor poo.


Spotted this the other day if anyone is interested

THE WAR ON DRUGS - I Don’t Live Here Anymore – Vinyl Exchange

Apart from Lost In The Dream I don’t have any affinity for any other War On Drugs albums. But I do remember when that I Don’t Live Here Anymore was announced it was a ridiculous price.

Yeah, I’m the same tbh, liked them a few years back, but thought others might be interested at that price.
I remember Vinyl Revival (NQ manchester record shop) saying they hadn’t sold one copy of it a month or so after release.

Buy 1 get second half price - code SALEONSALE

new Hovvdy was tempting but couldn’t find a second release I wanted enough to bother



30% off sale at Norman. Some decent stuff there, I managed to get over the free shipping threshold.

5 JAMC albums on CD for 11 quid sounds good to me. Some absolute classics.

Rarely see Strokes albums dip below £15

Sorry it’s Amazon but good price for this album.


Would get this, but already got it on cd.

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So many ridiculous bargains at the VIP record fair in London. Never see any mention of people going to these.

Have bought YLT Elctr-o-pura, Mogwai 10 Rapid & Carla dal Forno’s 2919 album for a tenner each.

Mad bargains in the £10 boxes. Mark Lanegan, Deerhunter, Beach House, FACS, Julianna Barwick, Julia Holter, Cat Power, Deerhoof, LA Witch, DRINKS etc

Worth going if there’s a VIP record fair near you.


The fuck!

These ones?

Can’t believe they do them in Bedford!


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DiS meet for the next London one on 29th April?

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Ooh loads in Norwich

Play Edinburgh you cowards


Oh God I’m gonna be so skint. Doing a Sainsburys cash point run since some dealers are cash only.

Going back for LA Witch 1st LP plus the 2 DRINKS LPs.

Leaving behind:
TFC Howdy
PJ Harvey + John Parish
Cat Power What Would the Community Think
FACS Present Tense

ALL £10 :sob: