Ridiculous music bargains

Cheers for the heads up, I grabbed;

I got free delivery


I had that Carpenter Brut and Killing Joke in my basket also!

Didn’t press go as the Killing Joke one is a four track EP which just felt like too much of a pisstake at almost £30 full price…

shit, didn’t realise that, I just saw the splatter vinyl and pressed go.

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Worth it at half price tbh :+1:

Nice one, grabbed Carpenter Brut and the two Ihsahn records. They were still pretty expensive but in the “oh go on then” bracket.

25% off at the Fire Records web store with the code FIRE25

That’ll knock £7.50 off the colour On Avery Island reissue for me……


Postage on 4LPs of £13 almost equals the discount though, woof.

If anyone wants a random recommendation, this is a lovely slice of slick 90s indie rock. Her early work was on Kill Rock Stars but she cleaned up her sound a bit and moved to a major and put this out. £7.50 with the discount code on LP.

This is an all timer imo

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Hook it to my veins. Will be ordering for that price - thanks!

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Imagine the amount of time this board could save if every sales website had that option. Loved being able to quickly scroll through the band names and not have to take 10 times as long with loading pages/album covers to see what might be lurking in the sale


This may not be news to those blessed enough to live in the brighton environs but i am down here today and my fave store resident have a great change from a fiver cd sale (ok they are all 4.99) and i am very pleased with my haul of Lorelle and the obsolete- balance, echo lake - wild peace, hammock - mysterium, knapsack - conversation is ending and minks - by the hedge…well worth a rummage


Probably said it before but the HMV site is lightyears ahead of the others in terms of usability. You can even filter by artist!

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Really want to go to Brighton just for that haha

Got a load of Lorelle and the Obsolete stuff as Name Your Price downloads on the most recent Bandcamp Friday, haven’t listened to Balance yet though

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Caroline for £12

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This was 7 quid, just got it delivered, seems fine? Brilliant album and no money really.


Thanks for this. My copy got delivered yesterday. A bargain indeed

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Some things here for people!


I did wonder if i was going to get an empty box, or a cd or something, but no, seemingly legit. Glad you got one.

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Ordering a pack of 4 cheap LPs from Resident before breakfast? What is this, a Covid lockdown?