Ridiculous music bargains

Aninal Collective very dependable for sales. Have stopped buying all their stuff at release now.


Any filtering tips?

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:grimacing: I tried by alternative, indie, rock and metal in rarewaves filter and it was bullshit. Just slogging through all the pages is the best option if you can be bothered.

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Well, now I have 13 additional tabs open. Someone send me £200?

Paul McCartney iii-imagined now only £8.64 on Rarewaves

Ghostface Killah and Bad Bad Not Good - Sour Soul

Not sure why the link appears this way


Selling off a bunch of CDs if that counts as either ridiculous or a bargain?

Got these two from the sales. Margo Price from Rarewaves (£8 but took a fortnight to arrive.
The Alex Pester one was £20 from Norman, but only ever seen it for around £25. Well worth a listen, obv comparison is Nick Drake, but I can hear a bit of Sujfan in there.

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Link removed


@ElusivePimpernel can you remove the link from your post plz in case people click it without seeing @hankscorpio’s detective work!

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25% off everything on the Matodor webstore excluding preorders with the code BRAINWASH until 26th Nov

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Some good stuff in the fuzz club sale, some real cheapies

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Christ, if ever there was a site more in need of a ‘filter’ button…

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Sound of vinyl having a mad sale

All sorts of lovely editions

60 percent off section is nice

I picked up 6 (3.95 postage)

A Beginner’s Mind: Limited ‘Pumpkin Head’ Orange Vinyl LP × 1 £8.00

Mia Gargaret: Exclusive Clear Blue + White Split Vinyl LP - £8.80


Hello, old friend


60 percent comes off once you add them

But yeh we all own that already :rofl:

Can’t believe they do this so soon .
RIP 365games I wanna run to you, you wiv da angles now

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Highly anticipated record from New York’s beloved act The Antlers, their first new music in seven music

Was it really that long?

Ooh fantastic!

I got the two you mentioned, plus

KGATLW - Live In San Francisco '16: Deluxe Edition Fog + Red Mist (£14.41)
from the 60% off, and
Faye Webster - Car Therapy Sessions: Limited Walnut Brown Vinyl (£15.39)
KGATLW - I’m In Your Mind Fuzz (£18.89)
Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2022 Remaster) (£21.70)
from the 30% off

Thanks for sharing that!