Ridiculous music bargains

Everything on Memphis Industries’ Bandcamp page is pay what you want at the minute - including the Rozi Plain album upthread but also Field Music (and associated side projects), Slug, Menace Beach, Dutch Uncles, Polica etc:


Run For Cover Records are doing the same deal - stuff like Glass Beach, Camp Cope, Katie Dey, American Pleasure Club, Self Defense Family, Turnover - really just too much stuff

And Polyvinyl have everything pre-2020 for $1, with everything this year $5 - Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, Palehound, Joan of Arc, Of Montreal, Anna Burch and so on

I have bought so many albums this last week


oh that Rachel Dadd album was good, must get it

Resident Records has hundreds of LPs for under £10:

Some nice deals on Elsewhere:

Lots of vinyl going for £9.99/£12.99 on here:


I’ve got Wraith, Your Mercury and Orphaned by the Sea. All highly recommended.


Thanks for this. Just spent too much money at Elsewhere. Great sale.

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Definitely worth a few of your earth pounds.

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Get most of my new vinyl from Norman. There’s loads and loads of sale items to choose from, and there are usually a few gems but it can be a bit of a slog though the nearly 5000 items:


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I love Norman’s and spend a lot of money with them, but when I see the amount of crap they constantly have on sale it does make me wonder about their stocking policies.

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Yep! I snagged a copy of the new Clipping album for only £14.95 from there, which is an incredible deal considering it’s at least £25 everywhere else.

natural snow buildings 6 cd daughters of darkness for $2 (though id go for the one with the hand painted cover for $10), also their 4 vinyl night coercion into the company of witches for $15



Never heard of them! What are they like?

one of my favourites, their back catalogue is vast. they have a few different sides, blissed out drone, kind of weird tribal witchy sounding drone with a lot of shakers and hand drum percussion, and then super pretty folk music




I actually prefer one of their side projects twinsistermoon, seems a slightly more accessible version

really like the ewok village vibe of this one

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Thanks man I will explore later on fo sure

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good lockdown music, daughters of darkness for example is 6 hours long. shame the only album on spotify is their worst one

My favourite band to mix post-hardcore with jazz and possibly the best band in Brighton, Broker, are releasing two new songs from their upcoming album early, as well as the rest of their digital discography. Proceeds go towards keeping their label, and a cornerstone of the Brighton math scene, Small Pond, afloat during this time.

I would definitely suggest picking up Quixota, as it’s one of the heaviest and best post-hardcore records of recent times, but Argument / Counter-Argument also has some great stuff.

And obviously, y’know, donating. Small Pond are awesome.


Also, this place would be a good place to mention that the daddy of “Pay-as-you-feel” (before In Rainbows, fact fans), Mr. Jeff Rosenstock, has always had his records available (and those on that label, for that matter) for digital download for free on his Quote/Unquote Records page.

Since that also involves the entirety of Bomb The Music Industry’s discography as well, that’s an absolute bargain. And the donations go to good causes too, so why not?

My suggestion is go with his latest one, Post-, and work backwards from there.

Here’s the page for said album:


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Got LPs from Courtney Barnett, Cloud Nothings, Amber Arcades and Natalie Prass for a tenner each from Resident, ta for that :partying_face:


Yeah - what @ttf says. They are absolutely brilliant. Discography is huge and not all of it is absolutely amazing, but their run between 2006-2009 is incredible and you cannot go wrong with any of it.

Think this is a really good primer as you get the full band plus the solo projects, TwinSisterMoon and Isengrind, which are just as good (double cd is only $6 from the link ttf posted too).


Hilary Woods LP arrived today, cheers :+1:

think my friend has ordered a copy as well