Ridiculous music bargains

Ah they’ve reprinted the Minneapolis boxset! I regretted not getting it ten years ago (!) but haven’t got £60 spare to get it now. Hmm.

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yeah, some good stuff and decent proces, but the postage seems a bit steep at 7 for a single LP…

Yep, fortunately there were a few I really wanted and that justified the postage

Three stupendous records

ridiculous music bargain if you’re in Cardiff with a van and £1500 to spare


A bargain compared to UK prices….

Ding ding ding



Yeah I saw this! Not in Cardiff until another couple of months otherwise I’d have all that!

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He’s a great guy, and it’s a brilliant little shop


Yeah been there a few times when we’ve been visiting friends, always come away with an armful of stuff, lovely shop, just the best for 2nd stuff that I’m into. Interesting tape section too!

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Frightened Rabbit - Pedestrian Verse 2LP Anniv Edition,
just north of a tenner


Back up to £28 already haha

Its a 3rd party seller doing it for £10 + freepost.
Worth keeping an eye on as I missed out earlier today and then they added more when I posted the link.

Warpaint for less than a tenner delivered.

Extra 10% off this and everything else on their site too with the code RWDAD10 (oops, code only works for orders >£20 apparently)

if anyone wants a 20% off discount from HMV:

You have to mention my name at the checkout so DM me before using!

Big ol’ bargains on a bunch of canonical albums here


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Got De Stijl and A Tribute to Jack Johnson on order from that sale already and came here to check that someone had posted it.

Really good prices on some decent records.

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My local also has a lot of these at ~£15 so I assume this is a big distributor markdown, so worth checking your local if you want to avoid postage!


Don’t often see the good Springsteen albums this cheap. Nice replacement for my grimy old used copy….

Darkness On The Edge Of Town £16.99 delivered


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although it is one of hose albums/covers that works best on an old battered copy if you ask me. doesn’t look right new. i think it’s the wallpaper