Ridiculous music bargains

I’ve heard the name Broker, but not checked them out - sound like they’d be my thing, thanks!

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Cherry Red have 15% off everything (not been able to open the link yet personally but they do some ace compilations and reissues)



Is it just me who is having trouble loading their site…?

No, it’s hopeless. I’ve found it be slow in the past but it’s completely inaccessible at the moment.

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Looks like everything on the Southern Lord bandcamp is 50% off at the moment.


They also seem to be having some sort of special on 80s hardcore, because their YDI, Uniform Choice, Ruin, Offenders and Bl’ast releases are all free download / PWYL.

There’s also some more modern hardcore / crust stuff (Kromosom, Lifesick, Wartorn, Obliterations, Asschapel) for free on there too. Pretty great all round


Working OK this morning. There are some great things to be found (amongst a lot of dross). Bought a cold wave/early electronica box set and the vinyl reissue of the first Felt album.

The link again:

Ace. (they can probably afford to due to their ludicrously expensive records :wink: )

Really got into the Obliterations LP a few years back, and Unifrom Choice are great.

If the friendship LP is in the offer i’d recommend that

Would second that Friendship recommendation, and throw in a shout for Baptists’ Beacon Of Faith too.

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Friendship albums are both $3.99 - would also massively recommend them.

The Wolfpack boxset is $10 too, which is a good, good deal

The big clearance sale on Resident (in addition to the tenner section) has been pretty great:


I spent about £70 too :grimacing::+1:

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Cool. What all did you get?
Had another few in my sights but they either sold out or I bailed out.

I had the Fionn Regan LP in my basket but couldn’t check it out!

I picked up the first press club album, the comet is coming, and last year’s National album (which is usually pretty expensive on vinyl for some reason?), but had several other things in my basket that went out of stock as i tried to check out

Yeah the checkout experience was a bit of a mare. Sorry for sniping Fionn on you.
Still a few bargains to be had.

Ha no apology needed!

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Awesome to see Big | Brave and Earth downloads for that price. Ridiculous.

oooh, cheap Iron Maiden on vinyl. I am so there




Bit of a mixed bag there - might be in for a pasting from you lot now…

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