Ridiculous music bargains

Heard Hey Colossus mentioned a few times on here, so this might be a bargain for somebody. Some decent and unusual stuff across the whole sale, though lots already gone.

There’s another of theirs in the sale too.


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Cheers, just bought the other Hey Collosus album they had (The Guillotine) and a Eddy Current Suppression Ring LP for £25 incl delivery which is great value.

Already have the Collosus LP you linked to, would highly recommend it, it’s one of their best.

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I got High Rise - Japanese psych rock album in the sale and then I spotted they had a 1995 pressing of FNM - King For a day (which wasnt in the sale!) and got that aswell.

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Got my Invada order, similar to @Yvash it was in a massive jiffy bag, far too big for 3 cds, but I’m guessing they’re recycling old bags though, so good on them.

Anyway, got Devs soundtrack on and it’s nice/creepy at the same time.

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Anyone still waiting for their RareWaves order? I ordered 10 things 4 weeks ago. 2 arrived prompted. Chased up the others about 10 days ago and customer service got back to me promptly to say they’d redispatch the missing items. 6 more items arrived a couple of days ago so just 2 missing now. They seem to use Yodel as their courier so I’m assuming that’s the problem as my past experience is that they are really shit at delivering things.

i finally got my last one this week

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What a joy to actually go into a real life record shop for the first time in months today. Five albums for £35 from Earworm Records in York!

(It helps if you buy each artist’s most unfashionable album)


20% off 250+ mostly recentish records at Norman’s



15 months for the price of 12 on Barbican membership if bought in the next 10 days:

I haven’t had Barbican membership before but assume going to 3 or 4 shows a year (which is about my average in normal times) would make the membership worthwhile with the ticket discount and priority access?