Ridiculous music rip-offs

I know this is a bit ‘grumpy old man’ but thought it might be fun to share over priced box sets, special editions, stupid ticketing fees etc.

Inspired by the idea that people might pay £96 for a cobbled together box set of High Flying Birds ‘hits’




Pretty much every single item here


22 quid for a double cassette?


Billie Eilish seems to have taken inspiration from TS for her new album. Think it’s £38 or something.

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Yep. Was going to get my wife the vinyl of that for her birthday but £45 when I’ll already be getting Evermore for over £30? No chance. The merch is ridiculous too, £45 for a towel.

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The Beatles in Mono is annoying as the only way you can get it is a lavish £200 box set

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Hadn’t seen the beach towels. They’re a bit creepy no?

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The upcoming Stone Temple Pilots ‘Tiny Music…’ reissue:

1 x LP (£18 tops?)
3 x CD (£25 tops?)

Actual RRP: £75

Yeah really strange.

As soon as I can play live again, I’d like to start selling random twigs for 40 pounds each as the Official Mute Branches Mute Branch


I really wanted this recent reissue of Roberta Flack’s First Take, but £50? For an LP and two CDs? This is the cheapest I’ve found it in the U.K., the cheapest copy on Discogs is £99.

It’s a result of pointless ‘limited editionitis’. Only 3000 copies and only seemingly officially available in America.

A bunch of rap artists doing vinyl runs with prices at about £150 recently. They’ve figured they can use the same sort of scarcity tactics as people who collect trainers or Supreme or whatever.

£89 bundle of just the same album three times in different colours


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Is the intention you keep one then make your money back gouging fans who can’t afford that for the other 2?

Says it’s Uk exclusive but offers to sell it me for €107. That’s good of them.

Find it pretty grim, like I know in principle it’s no different to the Noel Gallagher one in the OP, but at least Noel’s mainly ripping off people in their 30s and 40s who have maybe got this as disposable income. Always feels worse when it’s someone with a predominantly teenage fanbase.

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Since I left you on the shelf in the record shop at that price.


So you are paying nearly £40 for an album of remixes? I mean how good can they be?