Ridiculous music rip-offs

Oh no! Al Doyle’s had a taste of sweet, sweet NFTbro money with LCD Soundsystem and now he’s taking Hot Chip to the party! CURSE YOU, CRYPTO! -shakes fist-

Seriously tho, kinda gross.


It’s a difficult one. I used to be very critical of artists allowing songs to be used for adverts and things like that, but as you say it’s so difficult for artists to make a living these days that it’s hard to take that attitude now.

My comment was more from the point of view of the consumer. I can understand why someone would dream of a meaningful meeting with an artist they admired, but paying two hundred quid to stand next to someone for thirty seconds is pretty much as different from that as you can imagine. The whole thing is just tawdry and sad.


The only worthwhile overpriced meet & great ever


Steady on there Be!


WU LYF are charging £35 for the black one vinyl reissue of their album - even though almost every shop that still has copies has them down around £22-25

It’s not awful of course, and more power to them to try to make the money directly, but still - feels odd to be so much pricier direct from the band

Yeah i looked into buying it that when they announced it the other day, expecting it to be £60 or something… Yeah, no thanks…

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VMP at it.

Saw this,

And at the price, assumed…OK fair enough. If they are doing a special, multiple records edition with some classics, kind of history of the genre, from early acid tracks up to the present day then it might be a pricey, but decent compilation.

The tracklist.

The first track is the only one I know, and it’s a banger…well apart from the Guetta part, who I assume has done a remix.

As for the rest. No clue. I admit I am not up to date on much dance stuff…but really? I’ve heard of Aoki and Diplo. But that’s it.


They couldn’t make this a 7 inch?

Original release was the song on the A of a 12" with the instrumental on the B so it’s a reproduction of that.

You can get an original for way, way less than that though so it’s still pointless.

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This may seem like a lot of money, but do factor in the “wooden art crate” which is absolutely, definitely not just a “box”.

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Pretty sure at least half of those singles don’t exist


Single LP.

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$100 how?

Wait looks like they all might be

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that’s insane. literally nothing special about it other than being ‘extremely limited’ which without numbers, one would assume it’s actually not very.

Silly prices for silly extras is one (bad) thing but straight up 100 bucks for an LP!?!? insanity.

(They seem to have been pressed in 2020, and go for £50+ elsewhere so guess they found some in the warehouse seeing as they say sold as is, and thought, :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag: wahey!) rotten.

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Unlike Chromatics to over promise and under deliver!


Just go to Italians Do It Better and buy the wavs for $1 an album.

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