Ridiculous music rip-offs

without being too much of a pop snob, who on EARTH is buying this for 30 quid?

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Ach you know, c’est la vie.



B*Witched fans with a healthy income?


9 discs of the same 10 tracks for £250

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NGL, the live disc looks cool but I’m fucked if I’m buying it.

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Available separately, and going somewhat against the grain, at a reasonable price

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Funny that there is apparently stuff missing from that boxset according to press release why not just include it all even just on a usb.

i really like The Bug Club, but for some reason their stuff is going for wild prices online

£100 for the new album? £70+ for the first mini-album?? bizarre - these things cost like £15 on the merch stand and they’re playing to 200 person rooms

Oh um wow

£50 for a 7” !!! !!!


how on earth has this happened?