Ridiculous music rip-offs

Would be quite up for doing a DJ set with lots of old 2000’s 7"s :smiley:

EDIT: 7" record owners. Sort your 7"s on discogs by Median or Max. Im not gonna post as it irked people last time but bloody hell.

Idea for a fun thread:

Favourite split 7"s

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This was the first that sprang to mind.


I’ve got that on clear ‘saw shaped’ if I remember rightly.


I’m shit at starting threads, anyone wanna do it though?
We can post the split single and links to the songs if they can be found?


Nice! :+1:

I recall our singles being expensive enough that we would have to sell them for £4 each or something but they were heavyweight vinyl. I think the big issue was the huge markup from the manufacturers at those numbers in the run. If we’d been a band big enough to shift 1000+ then the costs would have been lower.

OTOH I also seem to recall there was no really clear timescales on production and most of our releases took so long to be produced we were close to finishing the band by the time they got to us :smiley:

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Yeah that’s true, the economies of scale at 500 and 1000 were pretty decent, but still a pretty substantial outlay.

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Gonna need some discogs links to these DiS lads’ 7" singles tbh :slight_smile:

is it possible to filter your collection to just a particular format? couldn’t find it for the life of me earlier

Aye there’s ‘format’ option when you go to Collection.

to do format and price though youd need to put in folders though I think

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just the 7"s

top 5 by median value

My Collection - Discogs

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Didn’t even know that Sufjan singled existed. Nice!

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It was limited to 100 copies I think. It’s a beaut!

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Was looking it up there. Looks cool.
Were you in the singles club or manage to get it after?
I hate being locked into subscriptions but would have grabbed individual singles for sure.

I have a similar lathe cut single for Dark Houses (ex Hope Of The States lads)

No values against it and /25 but cant imagine it ever doing Sufjan numbers tbh

Was in their vip for a bit (not anymore), but that wasn’t in the singles club, had to buy it separately

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Ahhh okay.
Remember being tempted when they had a fancy VIP press of Sebadoh or something.
Probably for the best that most of the label/subs are USA based otherwise Id have less willpower probably. :slight_smile:

Im one of the other 25!

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