Ridiculous music rip-offs


I really like the album, wish theyd put it on vinyl too!

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it was worth it at the time because they had a bunch of artists i like, did snazzy ltd versions of stuff and gave you discounted shipping of like $10 for orders separate to the monthly 7". then they contracted it out to a UK based distributor to keep costs low and it all went to shit, pre-orders would turn up 2 months after release, i ended up with about 6 copies of one album because all of them were massively warped.

do miss getting a random 7" in the post every month though

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Thats a shame.
Looked a good setup.
I had a sub with Damnably pre March 2020 and it was excellent tbh. Think it was 100 or 120 quid a year and you got 12 releases minimum iirc as well as 2 from the back catalog of your choice and a few tshirts and bits as well a couple times. Got cool exclusives and signed bits too.
Dont think theyve brought it back since putting it on ice.

These are the ones I released

There’s a copy of the first one for sale from a shop in Greece(!!) and a copy of the second for sale from a record shop in Edinburgh I used to walk past a lot.

Neither of these are rip-offs at those prices. Bargains! Absolute bargains!

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That’s cool to see how far and wide records can spread.

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This has just reminded me a shop in Tokyo took copies of both - they got in touch to ask and paid upfront, which was really nice on both counts. Think this kinda stuff was very hot there at the time.

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Same. Its great!

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That’s great.
Tokyo was almost overwhelming with its record stores when I’ve been.
Are they on streaming at all?
Be cool to have a wee listen.

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Sadly not - I didn’t even do digital releases for either of these, I don’t even have mp3s of them myself now :smiley:

The a-side of the Projections single is on YouTube though

The Popular Workshop one was re-recorded for their album and that came out on a proper label so that should be on streaming.

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ive got that hot snakes 7…nice!

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Used to love popular workshop. Seem to remember them being good live.

Not as egregious as some, but 60 for a 2xLP. Bespoke jacket eh?

Aren’t all jackets bespoke in someway?


RSD of course!

Quite. Unless they’re using the jackets from all the unsold Adele LPs clogging up Goodwill shops, they are.

A tidy £7million for a single morning’s work there, assuming she shifts all 115,000 copies - which she will


I get that people will know what they can reasonably expect, still feels a bit much to ask people to pre-order an unannounced album though

Seem to vaguley remember Warpaint doing this for their last album/tour?

It’s not really a rip-off, probably the wrong thread I suppose. They’ve probably just messed up their schedule and had an album announcement planned for before now, just seems a little off for them to be putting a £50 triple-vinyl album up for sale with no other information, release date or anything.

It’s definitely a rip off.