Ridiculous music rip-offs

Wow. That’s really bad.

I mean it’s sort of the OTT boxset of a film though isn’t it? Like that tin version of Blade Runner I had that was 5 versions of the film but all basically the same apart from a narration on one or two, and it had some frames from the film reproduced on plastic and came in a stupidly big tin.

That said, it wasn’t 10x the cost of the film on DVD which is pretty much this! :smiley:

I’d forgotten you’d get dvds like that. Usually about twice the cost weren’t they?

Yeah maybe? It’s been so long since I bought anything like that but I reckon possibly RRP around £45 while a DVD of the film would likely have been 10-15?

I bought the Star Wars Trilogy Executor Tin VHS set when that came out just before the SEs and I think it was £80 but the three VHS cost £45 anyway I’m sure.

Either way I’d expect a CD album to be £8 these days so that is stupid money.

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Ooh but I love the colours! And I don’t even like this band!

The Limited Edition ‘Scaled And Icy’ Box Set. 35,000 Available Worldwide.

I’m not sure “limited” means what they think it means. :rofl:


It’s a question of scale I suppose. For most bands we talk about on here 35,000 would be a good total sales figure. They apparently sold 135,000 physical copies of their last album just in the US in its first week of release alone. They sold 7000 copies on cassette.

No idea why Cleo Sol’s Rose in the Dark is priced so high. 38 minutes, single LP from last year. Can’t find it for under 35 quid.

The Sault albums were like that too. I think they’ve been repressed and are now £30 (so still overpriced) but were £40+ last year. If you can hold out I’d bet Cleo crops up in sales.

Have a few ‘limited editions’ of 10-15,000 from the 90s. Different times. That’s quite the money maker if they shift 35,000 cds at that price though.

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Possibly! I wondered if there were very few pressed, then Sault blew up and the demand increased. Just speculation tho. You can get the earlier two Sault albums at more reasonable prices. Both excellent too.

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1st 2 were about 20-25 quid. Last year’s started off at £35 for the limited pressings they have definitely risen in price from record shops in the last 6 ish months.

Just had a quick look on discogs and they are still going up in price Black Is, is up to £200

That mid 90s Star Wars tin set was like 100,000 limited or something so 35k is really nothing.

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Oh, for sure. So much of the music I listen to is released in pressings of a couple hundred that the idea of a run that size being “limited” is hilarious. 35,000 cds at 80 quid each is an incredible profit if you can shift them all though (or even half of them).

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It’s a ridiculous scam really, and you can hardly imagine that they need the money.

I reckon the market for this and the Swift/Eilish et al stuff are the sort of ‘super 16’ kids who get given SUVs for their birthday. £80 is just an unnoticed daily blip on the parents credit card.

I think maybe that is a bit unfair. I think the reality is that when I was 14 or 15 I would scrape together any money I could get my hands on to maybe buy a couple of albums a month because it was the only way I could get hold of music I wanted to listen to.

Today’s teenagers have almost free access to all the music they want to listen to (completely free in the case of my kids, because I pay for the subscriptions). They might buy (or have bought for them) one or two physical music products a year and they’re more like a souvenir than a means to hear music. You shouldn’t be comparing the price of those ‘special editions’ to the price of other records but to the price of whatever piece of ‘limited edition’ tat that Supreme have put their name on.

If you buy a couple of things like that a year you’re still spending a lot less on music in a year than I was when I was teenager (allowing for inflation of course).

I was just being a bit silly. Agree about kids just buying an album or two a year. £80+ for a cd I think is a bit close to exploitative though, good point about the Supreme stuff though.

It’s definitely exploitative but that’s capitalism for you folks. I’ve probably spent money on worse tat to be honest.

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Also I definitely didn’t know who Imagine Dragons were so what the hell do I know anyway!

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