Ridiculous music rip-offs

I thought Twenty One Pilots was the British Airways choir until this thread made me look them up.

Oh I even got the band wrong.


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Don’t even know the prices but having a stab at it probably belonging here


Replica gnome anyone?

Absolutely anything in Fopp

William’s at it again. $65 for five 7” ‘singles’ (which were never actually physical singles in the first place). 10 largely forgettable songs in total.

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I loved the album, but just, why?

Like, there’s so much incredible unreleased material that people have been literally begging to spend money on for the past 20 years. Why a $65 boxset of 10 random songs from a 20 song album that just came out? Who is this for? (And not that it even matters, but it’s missing the two best songs)

Pretty impressed with this:


£33 plus p&h for a picture disc that doesn’t even come in a full sleeve and a cassingle whose artwork was clearly thrown together in MS paint in < 60 seconds; featuring two unreleased demos as the only new material.

And yet, somehow, it sold out!