Ridiculous things to not like that specific users on here don't like

I mean it shouldn’t all be epimer but he’s got toast and crisps. Thewarn has got toasters.

They don’t all have to be toast related.

No need to do any films, TV or video games for eric either.

never knew that about epimer
or about the warn

Sorry, I know how you used to look up to those guys like 60 seconds back.


all quite sad really

prawn crackers - epimer.

Got plenty more where those came from, buddy.

For example, I don’t like being outside, or being wet (this includes baths and swimming).

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Sports. Definitely don’t like those.

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You’ve got to have a load. Mayo (although I disagree) is disliked by many so you can’t have that.

not a big fan of water as a beverage.

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@ttf doesn’t like pizza and some other common food (fish and chips?)

Oh yeah, water’s rubbish too.

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none of my dislikes are ridiculous

I don’t like tinned tuna

Epimer - owls
Profk - normal opinions about food

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Don’t like fish and chips either. Or roast dinners. Or crumble. All that pointless English stuff.

Morris dancers.

@ttf - The Last J…

the only weird thing I do with food is eat different parts of a meal individually. everything else is legit.

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Crumble is freaking great man. Literally had some at lunch today.

Sort it awwwwt


That is quite common and fair enough because it absolutely fucking stinks. As soon as I get in I know if my wife has been on the tinned fish. No jokes please.