Ridiculously petty grudges you're holding


A couple of years ago I gave a friend of a friend a lift from the hotel we were all staying in to the site of the big penoid tournament we were all going to.

This person ate a Sainsbo’s sandwich (might have been a wrap actually, but that’s not important right now) in the back of my car, and when they got out they just left the empty packet on the back seat.

To this day I still root for their opponent in every one of their games and they’re obviously never allowed in my car again.



Hate all American girls


Pizza guy.

The wedding is this weekend.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to flip his bit of wedding cake upside down before he has a chance to eat it.


I hate the entire country of Canada because my Canadian ex cheated on me.


Alternatively: some joke about how you are marrying pizza guy this weekend.


you’re too late


@sadpunk will come back to me one day. He’s my lobster.


Got a one against the Hammersmith Apollo for charging me £4 for a coke. Never bought a drink there since.


For the last time, they were crabs.

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A hockey teammate of mine once left a banana skin in the door compartment/pocket of the passenger seat. Fuming I was when I discovered it much, much later.


There’s a pub that’s changed hands in Brighton, which had been called The Reservoir since at least the 1850s sometime. The new owners went and changed the name, ignoring over 160 years of history, without even any acknowledgement of it, so I’m boycotting them and their other pubs.


Office I worked at once there was an infestation of those little flies, eventually the culprit was found, some old bananas on someone’s desk, hidden behind desk clutter, when that person came in everyone gave them the slow clap as she walked through the floor, anyway it later transpired she was framed and the real culprit had moved the bananas on discovery


Refuse to ever cook or eat or even look at gammon again because I fucked up when cooking it once.


Still boycotting Wetherspoons and Dyson.

Quite easy as both are shit.

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Yeah dysons really suck!

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For the record it was this post that started my long-held petty grudge with you.


Tbf some dysons really blow.

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I can’t believe you’ve done this


I don’t think this is petty at all.

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