Ridiculously petty grudges you're holding

Yeah. I can’t ever remember thinking or saying the sentence “we should go to a ‘Spoons.” since I was a student.
It has not been hard to boycott

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Think it would be far harder if I lived more remotely, but being in a city makes it really easy.


I feel like one of my greatest strengths (and perhaps also weaknesses) is that I am incapable of holding a grudge for any length of time.

I forgive and forget very easily.

Me and a friend went out to eat during 1sr year of uni and had big dinners, she forgot her money so i paid and she said she’ll pay me back later. I was too shy to ask so just waited and then ages later she bought me a hot chocolate and said its payback for the dinner. Still mad. The audacity

Also it annoyed me because obvz someone doesnt think much of u to do that which hurt my feelings at the time, also i was too much of a coward to say anything which annoyed me too

The nearest pub to my job is a Spoons and it is difficult to direct a big herd of people to a much more distant but ethically better pub sometimes.

This is making me angry just reading it - are you still friends?

What do you do if the only option in a toilet is a Dyson hand dryer?

You’d think they’d at least have a toilet bowl.


Oh, I’ve got one vaguely similar to this.

My GF paid for a friend’s share of a weekend away a year or so ago. It wasn’t a HUGE amount of money, but enough that it mattered. Him going meant my GF had booked separate transport because there wasn’t room in the van for everyone.

After weeks of him saying he was looking forward to it and definitely going to be there, he bailed on the morning of the trip. 5am in the morning as we were on our way to pick him up.

He hasn’t mentioned the debt at all and went on three holidays later that year.

I don’t mind that he hasn’t paid it back, it’s just money and we’re friends. It’s the fact that he hasn’t mentioned it to my GF at all. He’s just ignored it but jollied off on more holidays.

And it’s Epimer with the tap-in at the far post!

Why, I just shake it off.

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Yeah I also have pals who wouldn’t be able to afford going to the pub if it wasn’t for Spoons, so I do find it hard to boycott

It was hand driers which compromised my Dyson boycott

Not any more, have drifted apart from a lot of uni people.I was friends with her the rest of the 3 years tho :sweat_smile: and annoyed at myself for it

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:grimacing: not fair at all

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Absolutely wouldn’t recommend taking a shit in an airblade

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Switzerland for not letting women vote until 1976


is that petty?

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Will you have a toblerone, king of the chocolates, though?

Someone who I suspected was connected to Gipsy Hill brewery was slightly rude to me in a pub five years ago so I refuse to drink any of their beers