Ridiculously petty grudges you're holding


I think you should arrange another holiday with this friend and then not pick them up. Then it’s all level


The place I get my lunch from most days charged me a quid extra for a tiny bit of hummus on my salad so I’m going to boycott them now

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I did try to get my boss to sue somebody who has introduced themselves to me on FOUR separate occasions as if we’d never met before. I mean, that wasn’t going to be the cause of action but it was definitely about 95% of my motivation.

My boss thought I was joking.


And all the stolen Jewish money they laundered for the nazis and hoarded to base their entire economy on. Shit country for twats.

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Not sure we’re in any place to judge a country on having a dodgy past

Though that is REALLY recent hey?

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Haha I also definitely have a grudge against England, its just to big to be in the petty grudges thread.

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This is EXACTLY the kind of reason that I boycott places I’ve previously enjoyed :+1:


I really want them to know they’ve fucked up, is the only issue.

Maybe I need to do the exact same scenario again and be all “a quid for hummus?! That is IT! You are BOYCOTTED!” and maybe they’ll be all “noooo, not Mr Chegg. We didn’t mean it, free salad for life!” Or at least feel bad


Do it - it’s literally the only way to get closure.

Aside from a lifelong boycott, which is obviously far, far easier, but, you know…

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Just really hate the thought of going though my life being angry at someone with them being oblivious to it.


My brother in law has done exactly this (four times) to my brother. He is mildly irked by it, but it is obvious hilarious.

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Sue him.


If you want to get even more irked, the 70s was only for federal elections. It was 1991 before women could vote in local elections in every canton.

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A petty grudge against a café in Hampton court area that served me a breakfast that was very nice except for one thing. All the items in the breakfast were warm but for the baked beans that must have been almost boiling or hotter. So when I came to eat the baked beans after eating some of the other items I took a big ol’ mouth full. Burning my mouth to the extent that a big blister formed on the roof of my mouth straight away. I couldn’t finish the breakfast, I was very angry but didn’t think I could complain about the inconsistency of temperature of food items on my plate? ( I was very close to complaining)


Been boycotting Nestlé since 1987. Sure it will start working soon.

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I had a grudge against Prince Harry for (allegedly) shooting two hen harriers (very rare birds) at Sandringham. Really annoyed my family because literally every time his name was mentioned I would bring it up. Not because they are royalists, just because I went on about it so much.

Then I saw his programme about mental health and his mum dying and started to feel a bit sorry for him so I generally let it slide now. I am so soft.