Ridiculously trivial things that irk you about tv or film


Not specific to particular shows, you know, tv and film in general. Anyone getting specific in here will be in serious trouble.

I’ll start…

It always bugs me that actors are often holding completely empty cups when they’re carrying or drinking from disposable coffee cups. It’s obvious that they’re empty because of the way they hold them - I can tell anyway, it’s a gift I have.

I imagine I’m probably on my own with this one but no doubt you’re stupidly petty enough to have your own pet peeves.

Fire away or don’t.


silly cuts between shots, not specific to it but Sherlock uses them loads, for example


What sort of silly cut, aggers?


The lack of 30s or so of awkward, trivial smalltalk at the start of telephone conversations


When you see someone talking from behind, and they’re very obviously not saying what you’re hearing.


can’t think of a specific example but they are definitely a thing, definitely in sherlock and definitely irk me


or people hanging up without any form of goodbye or acknowledgement that the call is now ending


The new trend of displaying messages from a text on screen


not finishing a meal is the classic


Non-specific drink orders. “Pint of lager please”… FFS just get Carlsberg to pay you for product placement or make up some fictitious brand of lager.


Look a few up and when we get together over Christmas you can show them to me.


Save it for Thu- oh sorry, misread


Obtrusive Foley stuff that you can’t stop noticing once you’ve started noticing it.


My favourite ever phone call is in John Wick:

Gangster: "I hear you hit my son"
Mechanic: "Yes, I did."
Gangster: "Why"
Mechanic: "He stole John Wick’s car and killed his dog"
Gangster: “Oh.”

call ends

That final “Oh” does me every time I see that scene.


Also, Jira things


was it emmerdale where they used to order “stellbergs”?


Everything. Shit actors, nonsensical plots, insidious political messages, the clothes and hairdos, the fucking travesty of it all.


British accents in American TV programmes. Still shite after decades of trying.


Also every film ever these days where music is ludicrously high in the mix and people mumble away to each other. Forever having to fiddle with the volume to watch anything comfortably at home.


Jira than things