Ridiculously trivial things that irk you about tv or film


Gang of bad guys courteously attacking Steven Seagull one at a time.




Punches never sound quite like that in real life either


Midnight Run is awful for this (otherwise a good film) - constant knocking out of people with a gentle tap on the head


Just got this in my head now. Cheers


Also people being knocked unconscious for several hours and then waking up and being absolutely fine.


Any cuts or bruises having disappeared within minutes.


And how easily human bodies come apart, it’s like they’re bags of blood which just explode on contact with any other object and don’t have any kind of bones or muscles holding them together.


Unless they’re Wolverine, in which case it’s okay

Edit: Or Deadpool


When people get stabbed with something or shot with an arrow and their first instinct is to pull it out, which would most likely cause a worse injury IRL. See also: people pulling bullets out of gun shot wounds.


This is brilliant. I only watched the pilot. I must catch up on the rest.


The actor who plays Frasier’s dad is only 10 years older than Kelsey Grammer. Always found that mildly irksome.


I feel like Netflix shows are starting to reference Netflix a lot more. I don’t know if it would irk me more if (a) this is some means of promoting the brand further or (b) they think this is a funny ‘meta’ thing to do that will LIGHTLY GRAZE THE INTERNET OMFG


Ah, this reminds me. Tom Cruise always has the exact same cut on the bridge of his nose. In EVERY film he does an action scene.


I wonder though, if space travel were common place and we had tonnes of space craft zipping around, if they might come up with a way to orient themselves based on some static point of reference?

Probably not though.


Did Einstein die for nothing?


I do this on the phone and it infuriates everyone I know. I blame consumption of too much pop culture.


That “Tries Drugs For The First Time” psychedelic montage bullshit. Even Mr Nice (terrible, terrible film) which was about a literal fucking drug smuggler, depicted the first time he tries hash (HASH ffs) as this surreal, sitar-soundtracked, mind-expanding experience. The film even goes from black and white (up to that point) into colour. So fucking cheesy.


yeah tv and film made drugs seem like they were gonna be a lot more interesting than they are


character coughs a couple of times
one episode later
character has a terminal illness