Ridiculously trivial things that irk you about tv or film


getting shot in the stomach and immediately coughing up blood. doesn’t work like that.

also when characters so much as pick up a gun and it clicks and rattles for no reason.


Characters dropping guns which then continue to fire as they bounce along the ground (or in the case of True Lies, downstairs).


i’m irked in hollyoaks that there is a story line involving an important voice mail message on a mobile phone which they can’t access because the phone is broken and they are now trying to get fixed like no one has an unlocked phone they could put the sim in


Slightly anxious about asking how you know this.


fear not! my girlfriend was a trauma nurse, now she’s on icu, so she’s great at ruining fun stuff in movies and tv. “you can’t knock someone out for that long without them suffering brain damage!” “that knife wouldn’t pierce the skull!” etc.


also in hollyoakes, the creepy guy who killed Mr C has installed tracking devices in charm bracelets, I don’t understand how these would be kept charged up


i saw a hollyoaks ad the other day and mandy was back!


Have always wanted to see a movie where the hero shoots at a second gun which is bouncing and firing and makes that gun go into a baddie and splodes the baddie.


yeah Mandy, Luke, the kid who killed Mr C who was in one episode 16 years ago


fingers crossed for bombhead


when someone gets knocked out and wakes up some time later completely fine irks me a lot. what does your girlfriend think of shows set in hospitals? i imagine they’re mostly ridiculous to actual medical professionals. i know they often show defibrillators being used on patients with no heartbeat, which doesn’t work

regarding people coughing up blood after getting shot in the stomach, it does seem like filmmakers think that every death results in blood coming out of the person’s mouth


on things like the one show: they’ve accosted a bunch of different members of the public in shopping centres or on the high street and film them singing a song, then cut it together into a montage, but they’re all singing in different keys and at different speeds :confounded:


The texts would remain on the phone though? Wouldn’t they?


voice mail though


I clearly didn’t read that properly did I. Hollyoaks is too hard for me.


is darren gay now?


darren from hollyoaks?


yeah, thought i saw him in the same trailer


he is married to nancy, but recently has had a few moments with mandy


that bloody darren! might get back into it. can you catch me up on the last 15 years in a couple of sentences?